Common Questions About Stairlifts


If you or a loved one are having difficulty navigating the stairs to an upper level of your home due to old age or a medical condition, stairlifts are a great investment. Before deciding if a stairlift will work for your home, you might want to consider the answers to some of these important questions.

Can Stairlifts Go Outdoors?

When inquiring about local stairlifts in Gloucester, many people assume that stairlifts can only be used indoors. The good news is while most stairlifts are installed inside, they are not limited to indoor use.

Several models of stairlifts can be installed on outside staircases, whether it’s to take you up a flight of stairs to your front door or to reach an elevated patio. When purchasing an outdoor one, make sure that it is rated for extreme temperatures to ensure that it continues working no matter the weather.

How Long Do Stairlifts Take to Install?

In most cases, a stairlift can be installed in about four hours. The even better news is that the installation process is fairly simple and won’t cause huge disruptions to your daily routine. During the quote process, one of the valuable employees will go over the installation requirements with you to be sure that everything is set and ready to go for a smoother install.

Does Health Insurance Cover My Stairlift?

The answer to this depends on the type of health insurance that policy you have. Some policies allow home modifications if they are medically necessary, while others do not. Depending on why the stairlift is being installed can also determine if an auto insurance policy or medical trust funds can help cover the cost of install.

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