How can you treat and prevent milia seeds?

What do you know about milia seeds?

We have done our fair share of research and found out that when cells from the skin become stuck beneath the skin’s surface, it results in the formation of Milia seeds. Often appearing around the eye region, they resemble like white pimples.

However, they may appear all over your face. It usually happens when you tend to stay unprotected in the exposure to the sun. You can consider having milia seed removal Singapore service.

Ways to prevent it from happening-


To remove dead skin, you can utilize a mild exfoliator containing glycolic acid two or three times a week. You can also consider contacting milia seed removal service provider and they will let you know the ways you can take their services.

Use creams that are light in weight

Do not use any cream if it is oily and does not absorb fast into your skin. It can clog or block your pores and lead to milia, which is a skin infection.

Make sure you use sunblock every day. In addition to milia seeds, it protects your skin against wrinkles and sun spots. My favorite sunscreens are listed here.

Additional steps to prevent milia seeds

If you already have white lumps on your eyelids, there are obvious ways to treat them. One of them is having consultation with a dermatologist. It is the safest method to deal with milia seeds.

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