Is laser vision correction right for you?

The relex smile Singapore is where you can get your visions corrected without using corrective lenses. But it is not something right for everyone and thus, a need to know if it is right for you or not

If you happen to be tired of having to wear eyeglasses or the contact lenses, then you might be wondering whether the LASIK might be right surgery for you. LASIK is a refractive eye surgery type. Generally, majority of people that have laser assisted eye surgery do end up achieving 20/25 vision or even better, which ends up working well for majority of the activities. But majority of people still depend on glasses for driving at night or when they are reading as they become older.

The surgery normally has a good record. Complications which result in a vision loss are rare and majority of people are satisfied with the results. There are certain side effects, mostly dry eyes and temporary disturbance of visual, which are fairly common. But it is something that gets cleared up after a few weeks or even months, and very few people tend to consider theme to be a problem which is long term

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