Myths About Stairlifts


Although stairlifts have been around for quite a while, people do have active imaginations and there are several myths about stairlifts that just aren’t true. Whether it is a tactic to avoid admitting that a lift is needed, or maybe a case of misinformation, some people are missing out on a product that could greatly improve the quality of their life inside their home. Here are a couple of misconceptions about stairlifts.

  • Stairlifts are Dangerous During Power Cuts: It is easy to imagine how scary it would be to be trapped on a lift in the dark and unable to go up or down. However, this scenario is not a realistic problem. Modern stairlifts are designed to run on rechargeable battery power. When the power is on, your battery will be at full charge. If the power fails, the lift will continue to function for an average of 20 trips, depending on the model and length of lift.
  • Stairlifts Won’t Work for Split Level Homes: The easiest setup for a stairlift is a straight line. However, lifts are made in sections and different sections can be used to accommodate almost any design. Information about stairlift services in Shrewsbury is available through an Internet search. Modern stairlifts can go around corners and can traverse levels. In some cases where there is a lot of distance between sets of stairs, a second lift can be installed.

Stairlifts can be made to work for just about anyone, and they are a proven safe method to improve mobility in a home. Ask anyone who has had a lift installed, and you will see that they are an easy and useful convenience.

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