Skin cancer check and why you should do it regularly

Skin cancer is not something which happens to older people who have spent years sunbathing. The deadliest type of skin cancer, melanoma, is known to be the second most common cancer found in women ages between 15 years through to 29 years. That is the reason you should embrace the women health screening Singapore to be sure that you are okay.

Symptoms for skin cancer tend to vary from one individual to the next. The disease might manifest as a changing mole, a sore which does not heal, or even a flesh colored bump which doesn’t go away. It can as well occur in places which are unlikely too such as underneath your nails or you could get it in spots which get no exposure to sun at all.

And while it is possible to detect skin cancer early and cure it, the one which doesn’t get detected on time can become quite serious. That is the reason why it is recommends that everyone goes for regular self-checks to look out for potential signs of skin cancer.

Those that have particular risk factors such as family history of the skin cancer, tanning bed use, long period of sun exposure, and light skin tone are known to have a higher risk for the disease and might need to have a skin check from their dermatologist regularly.

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