Try Olive Oil To Grow & Nourish Your Nails!


Talk of best natural ingredients for skincare and beauty, and olive oil will find a mention on almost every list. Known for being rich in vitamin E, olive oil can be used in many ways – from trying a relaxing hair massage, to pampering the skin. Did you know that olive oil is actually great for your nails and cuticles too? Yes, you read that right. Here are some quick things to know about using olive oil for nail growth.

Brittle nails? Excessive dryness could be a reason!

Many people do have a tough time growing their nails. This is often because of over-dryness, which could be related to water exposure, using nail polish removers too frequently, and also often due to lack of biotin in regular diet. While there are some oils and over-the-counter products that promise to make your nails grow faster, many of these don’t work as expected. Popular portals like recommend olive oil for moisturizing and growing nails naturally.

How to use olive oil for nail growth and strength?

There are two ways of using olive oil in your nailcare routine –

  1. The first option is an olive oil soak. Take some olive oil in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds. Make sure that the oil isn’t too hot. Many people don’t really like the smell of olive oil, and if you are one of them, you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to it. Now, soak your nails in the olive oil for at least 15 minutes. You can repeat this a few times every week, and you will see a difference in nail growth.
  2. The other option is to massage your nails and cuticles with olive oil. You can do this every night before heading to the bed, and wear a pair of nice gloves, so that your oil doesn’t end up on the bed. You can massage your nails with olive oil as frequently as you want.

Other things to know

Another oil that works great for your nails is tea tree oil. You can consider adding a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil to your warm olive oil mix to soak your nails. It should be noted that nail problems, especially brittle nails, could be a result of a poor diet. You may want to rethink your diet and add some food items that are rich in vitamin E and biotin. Make sure that you file and cut your nails carefully periodically, and get a professional manicure once in a while. There is no denying that olive oil does work for nail growth, but your diet and nailcare products used regularly also play a dominant role.

Final word

Try using olive oil for your nails, and you will be surprised to know how quickly your nails grow. You can try the hack for nails on your feet, as well. Just use the best quality olive oil you can find.

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