CBD oil sunscreens


When the market first heard of SPF and CBD being used together in the same sentence, a lot of hype was generated. CBD has already been successfully used for treating different ailments ranging from epileptic diseases to skin care routines. Sunscreens we’ve recently learned have ingredients in them that harm the ocean’s natural environment. Some brands have given an alternative sunscreen of their own that does not have these huge downsides. Nowadays the various types of sunscreen in the market have been well assessed before purchase just so you can ascertain whether they work or not. The real pressing question is whether the use of CBD oil in making sunscreen products makes it effective unlike the other sunscreen options before.

CBD use in sunscreens

The use of CBD has been generalized on a number of products and it was only a matter of time before you started seeing CBD oil sunscreens on the shelves of your supermarkets. CBD refers to the non-psychoactive component that can be harvested from hemp plant or any other variation of cannabis sativa plant species. It is not okay to say UV protection is among the numerous merits of using CBD however you should know that it can help with blocking the absorption of UV rays through its own mechanisms. When applied on the skin, it forms natural layer of SPF and that is what research is based upon to find out other merits of the product.

The combination of CBD and sunscreen is however nothing to frown upon because it is obvious that CBD comes with ideal anti-inflammatory properties that can counter attacks the effects of sunburn on your skin. It also comes with a number of antioxidants that can safeguard you from environmental pollution. The fatty acids that are found in the product are furthermore ideal to help with skin hydration and that is the reasons a lot of sunscreen industries do not mind integrating CBD into their sunscreen manufacture.

Initially there were concerns that swimmers using sunscreen infused with CBD affecting the coral reefs however this is fast fading with introduction of better models of sunscreen in the market. With slight changes to alleviate coral reef effect parabens, oxybenzones and octinocates were eliminated in the preparation of ideal sunscreens to use for the same. Before choosing which sunscreen product to purchase, you should pay attention to the various ingredients brought together to prepare it just so you make sure it is not just safe for your skin but the general surrounding too.

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