Sameday Health is Now Providing Urgent Care Virtually in Select States


Now more than ever before, people who need medical care are going to urgent care instead of seeing their primary doctors. That’s often because of the wait times that come with doctors’ offices, especially for anything that might need prompt diagnosis and treatment. With a visit to urgent care, it’s possible to get the problem figured out and handled quickly, so clients don’t have to wait around for help.

Virtual Urgent Care is Changing the Game

Sameday Health offers nationwide healthcare and is improving its patient experience by providing virtual urgent care options in select states. House calls are offered in some locations, too, so a client doesn’t have to leave their home to get treatments such as COVID testing, IV drips, and wellness injections. The company was founded during the pandemic and has been going strong ever since.

Reducing Anxiety With Additional Support

Not everyone does well in a medical setting. There are plenty of people who have health anxiety, and medical appointments aren’t easy for them. Sitting in a waiting room can be problematic, as well. With virtual urgent care, clients can be seen immediately and have a personalized experience in the security of their own homes. Sameday also offers services in Travel, and Cold + Flu.

The Cold + Flu service is designed to make it easy for patients to feel better fast. Through treatments and information, it’s possible to get what’s needed quickly. The Travel service focuses on preventing travel-related problems like seasickness, and what kinds of medications a client should pack for their upcoming trip. COVID precautions for travel destinations are also provided.

Big Benefits From Increased Virtual Care

There are a lot of benefits to virtual urgent care from Sameday. Unlimited access to medical providers and the support they can offer is one of the main reasons clients choose the service. Additionally, it’s easy to have a video call nearly anywhere, and it can be very helpful for people who live rurally or for those who can’t get easy access to in-person medical care.

Convenience matters and Sameday Health makes getting a diagnosis more convenient for many clients. For the flu, for example, a client wouldn’t have to leave their home and risk interacting with others who could also become sick. For those who don’t drive or can’t get away, the convenience of virtual urgent care is also extremely beneficial.

Getting Care With Sameday Health is the Right Choice

The website and app for Sameday mean it’s easy to get connected, so the process is quick and efficient. Clients can provide their information and book an appointment with a few clicks, and there’s a virtual Zoom waiting room. The typical appointment is around 20 minutes, and clients who need prescriptions can get them delivered to their door. Sameday is revolutionizing the virtual urgent care space.

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