Teaching Your Children Good Oral Hygiene

Every parent wants the best for their child. That extends to every facet of their lives, which means even though it can be difficult, parents will stop at nothing to ensure their child receives the best. This goes for even something as ‘simple’ as hygiene. Unfortunately, as many parents know, it can be difficult for children to maintain such healthy habits, particularly brushing their teeth. Making sure children are maintaining healthy oral behaviors will take some patience and carefully crafted strategies. One of which is positive reinforcement. it’s no secret that brushing is viewed by children as something monotonous. Parents must find a way to frame the brushing more positively for any real impact on a habit, which can be done through positive reinforcement. Similarly, while some children may enjoy the positive reinforcement, other children may prefer making brushing a family affair. While brushing may not always sit atop their priority list, it’s hard to not feel enticed to brush when children notice their parents are brushing. Lastly, as far as ensuring a child understands the importance of brushing, making sure their dentist is involved is imperative. Though fear isn’t suggested as a motivating force, at a young age, it’s no secret that most children dread their trips to the dentist’s office. With all of the different procedures and tools used in the office, many children are left frightened. What a dentist can explain to these children, though, is that brushing their teeth regularly limits the amount of work they’ll need to do per visit. All of this combined can make for a great strategy for any child currently struggling with brushing. For more information on how to keep your child involved and engaged in their hygiene habits, please see the infographic paired alongside this post.

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