What Are The Different Types Of Essential Oils Available In The Healthcare Studio?

Essential oils are essential as it holds the medicinal properties and is a solution for recovering from the injured part. It helps in healing from itchiness and to cure many other major skin problems. These oils hold so much of importance as it helps to make the stomach slim and is also used for serving other purposes as well. Such oil can be used directly or by mixing with other oils and cream. But it is essential to take proper care with using the oil.

There are wide varieties of essential oils present in Healthcare.studio, which you can purchase according to the needs. Different oils have different essential properties that are very much beneficial for better health. let us know about some varieties –

. Eucalyptus oil – this oil we get from the leaves and branches of the eucalyptus tree and have a strong scent. It helps in solving the problem of the pain of joints and muscles when used in the massager. It provides relieving heating to the body that relaxes the nerves and cures the pain of the joints. Also, it helps to reduce stress and remove illness from the body. It is beneficial oil.

. Lemon oil – lemon oil is also beneficial as it contains the essential qualities of lemon, which helps get good hair. It removes the itchiness from the hair and clears the scalp from dandruff. It helps to remove all the stress. It is also used with other essential oils to bring benefits to the body.

. Peppermint oil – the name itself specifies that it is consists of a very fresh fragrance of mint that brings coolness and freshness. It boosts the mood and mind and relieves stress. It helps to develop concentration that supports to complete the task with so much ease. There are various minerals present in the oil that are manganese, copper, vitamins and so on that are useful to cover all the nutrients for the healthy body.

. Lavender oil – this is the most beneficial and vital oil and is sufficient for proper balancing of the emotions. It balances the mood and removes all the stress from the mind. It brings peace to the environment, controls mood swings, and brings a good mood to the person.

. Tea tree essential oil – vital oil is the tea tree oil that helps in healing. It helps to maintain a sound immunity system and fight against the unwanted bacteria that are present in the body. It helps to improve skin problems, such as acne and roughness on the skin. It is essential to use it wisely as it has specific side effects also. So it is better to use with a proper prescription.


A wide variety of essential oils present on Healthcare.studio are beneficial to solve many major problems from the body. It is better to know about each quality of different oils and use them wisely according to their needs. It is present at an affordable price and is helpful in the longer run.

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