What Is A Chimney Sweep And Why Do I Need Chimney Services?

If you have a wood burning stove, gas fireplace or any other fuel burning appliance, you need chimney inspections in Hermitage, TN. It is important for your home’s safety. Regular inspection can prevent fire damage and carbon monoxide leaks. In fact, chimney flue pipes and chimney pots carry the same risks as other plumbing and heating fixtures. If your appliance breaks down and you are not ready to call a plumber, then having a professional inspect your chimney at least twice a year can save thousands of dollars in heating costs and repair costs.

When you need help with a specific issue such as flue repairs, chimney inspections just ask your local chimney sweep service provider to refer you to a qualified contractor with plenty of experience and a good reputation. You may have to pay a little more to get a qualified contractor, but you will usually be happier with the results and your wallet will thank you.

When choosing a contractor to do chimney inspections it is important to find a company who can provide both residential and commercial chimney sweeping services. If a company only does residential chimney inspections, they may not have the tools and expertise to safely complete a complete flue or vent inspection on a commercial building. Commercial buildings such as warehouses and factories may have different safety and construction requirements. Also, chimneys that are used to vent toxic materials or chemicals should also have a professional company perform the chimney sweep or chimney inspection.

Professional chimney sweepers and inspectors will often come to your home to give you a personal inspection of your chimney, vents and other areas of your home. If there are any structural damages, you will be required by law to have these repaired and the inspector will be able to let you know what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Most of these inspections are usually not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Home owners’ insurance will only cover damage or destruction to your home, not the pipes that carry the waste. For this reason chimney inspections are typically recommended by a professional contractor prior to any remodeling or repair work. These inspections are particularly critical for any homes that use gas or propane heat sources. Many of the chemicals and gases that are produced from heating appliances can easily enter the home and cause serious damage, so it is very important to make sure that all chimneys and outlets are properly cleaned and maintained.

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